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All prices include set up of tables and chairs.


General Chapel Information

  1. Seating capacity: about 70
  2. Pump organ and piano available
  3. 18 Original wood pews
  4. Historic lectern available
  5. Restroom: outhouse behind Chapel (Portable toilets available for rental)
  6. Smoking: not permitted in or near the Chapel

What You Can Expect

You will find Hyde Chapel clean and ready for your event upon your arrival.

Each pew is adorned with a candleholder and candle (12). If you would like to light candles during your event, please bring your own.

Due to the lack of electricity, events are typically held during daylight hours. During colder months, the wood stove will keep you and your guests warm. A volunteer from the Hyde Chapel will light the fire to warm up the chapel before your event and shut it down following upon the event’s conclusion.

Returning Hyde Chapel respectfully to the condition in which you found it is your responsibility. This includes removal of any decorations you have added and trash.


For Hyde Chapel members, wedding prices include cleaning and setting up the chapel, Friday night rehearsal, Sunday Morning gift open, ability to come in on Friday afternoon to start decorating, and cleaning on Sunday after the event. Yearly membership for a couple is $30.00/year.


200.00 for non-members and 100.00 for members. Price includes pre-cleaning and set-up as well as cleaning after the event.


Rental fee$200.00$400.00
Tent Rental-click here for a local resource$400.00 approx$400.00 approx
Portable Toilet Rental-click here for a local resource$100.00 approx$100.00 approx
Minister/Officiant-Pay them directly at rehearsal$100.00$100.00
Pianist-Pay them directly at rehearsal$100.00$100.00
Set-up (Chapel):$0.00$50.00
Clean-up (Chapel):$0.00$50.00

1. Non-Refundable Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required only if you cancel and the date you reserved was requested by another couple.

2. Rental Fee: Rental fee is due in advance.  Local checks are due two weeks prior to the date of event and out-of-town checks are due four weeks prior to the date of event.

3. Catastrophic Occurrence: In the event of a catastrophic occurrence (hurricane, tornado, tropical storm, flooding, etc.), all fees paid will be returned.

5. Cancellation: A 30-day notice must be given in order to receive a full refund.

Ready to save a date?

Follow these two steps

1. Click here to join the Hyde Chapel Association

2. Click here to guarantee a date and make a deposit.

3. Smile! Our chapel community will make sure your day is special!

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